Our Background

Owner, Jon Jensen, has more than 30 years of healthcare experience.  


Jon Jensen has been involved in holistic health for over 30 years with experience in Iridology, nutrition, and personal self-development.  Jon started taking classes in Iridology and nutrition from his grandfather, the late Dr. Bernard Jensen in 1980. 

Dr. Bernard Jensen is generally regarded throughout North America as the forefather of Iridology.  Jon filled numerous roles over the years and participated in his grandfather’s many classes and projects.

 Mission Statement

Jensen Holistic Health

Well Being 

Dr. Berna​rd Jensen

Jon was involved in research for his grandfather books, helping to pioneer a new way of iris analysis using the computer, and assisting with seminars. In 1995 Jon stayed by his grandfather’s side after Dr. Jensen became paralyzed from the waist down from a car accident.  Jon was an integral part of his grandfather’s plan to walk again, treating the whole person; body, mind, and spirit and being a part of every aspect of what the doctor’s called a “Miracle” as his grandfather walked again on his own. Jon is dedicated to carrying on his grandfather's legacy.

Jensen Holistic Health is committed to furthering the Legacy created by noted Dr. Bernard Jensen.  He was a world renowned author, lecturer, traveler, health advocate, and the Father of Iridology in America.  We will promote Dr. Jensen’s vision of optimum healthy living and the prevention of disease through the selling of his books and products, teaching classes on Iridology and Sclerology, and continually searching for newest and latest information on ideas in the holistic health field and longevity to further educate people on a global scale.